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The life of a roof revolves around several factors including the type of roofing material, special coatings, how the roof was installed (and by whom), how well the gutters are kept up, how well the roof is maintained, and stormy weather.

Common asphalt roof will last 7-14 years unless your roofing contractor provides you with superior asphalt products. Then, those roofs can last longer. Metal roofs have been the hottest new trend due to the incredible durability and energy efficiency they provide. Metal roofs usually last 40-60 year unless your roofing contractor provides you with the premium materials at the same price. Then, those roofs can last more than 80 years in extreme weather areas.

Did you know a roof should be inspected yearly?

Small cracks in roofing materials can create leaks in your home which can then cause more damage and issues with mold. You should inspect your roof every year, ideally in the Spring to make sure there are no visible issues. You never want a damaged portion of your roof to sit because water will quickly create a lot of damage. Other areas that need inspecting is the soffit, ventilation, and gutter systems are all in need of yearly inspection as well. If you see potential issues, it’s highly advised to call a certified roofing contractor.

Why call a certified roofing contractor?

Certified roofing contractors are experts. They have been trained and know exactly where to look for problems. Walking on a roof is dangerous. Certified roofing contractors are trained with years of experience in maneuvering through steep slopes. Certified roofers are also going to be insured in case there is an issue. It’s always the best idea to have a professional inspect your roof.

How to find a certified roofing contractor near me?

There are many roofing companies but not all are certified, insured, and not all even have a builder’s license. You will want to choose a company that provides you with proof of documentation. If you are looking for a metal roof, there are even more certifications that the company will need to provide you, or it’s likely that the installation of a new roof will be done poorly. In Michigan, there is only a small handful of companies that are certified to install metal roofs.

The contractor experience is a must. You want to look for a company, not a single contractor, to re-roof your home. The best roofing companies will have decades of experience, they will have a team of certified roofers, and they will provide a warranty on their craft. If a company isn’t able to give this type of information, you are putting your home at risk.

Ask your potential roofer if they are bonded. Ask if they are insured. Ask what roofing products they are licensed to install. Ask about their product warranty. Ask about their workmanship warranty. Ask them what happens if something goes wrong. Ask if they are a part of trade organizations.

Roofing company in Michigan or Tennessee

If you live in Michigan or Tennessee, Metal Masters Construction & Roofing can help you. We will gladly visit your home and inspect your roof at no cost. We’ll let you know if it’s in good condition and fill you in on any issues.

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